DIY Gift Tutorial: Lip Balm Holder

I saw a picture of a lip balm holder on Pinterest, but there weren't any instructions.  I always lose my lip balm in the bottom of my purse!  I thought it was a great idea to use up fabric scraps and a cute little something to include with other gifts for Christmas, so I decided to figure out how to make my own.  It's super simple, and you could easily do the sewing by hand without a sewing machine. Update: After making several, I've made some adjustments to this tutorial.

What You Need:
  • Lip Balm of your choice (I had a coupon for Chapstick, so I went with the original.)
  • 1" Key Fob Hardware (you could also use 1.5")
  • Fabric scrap
  • Thread
  • Pliers
Steps to Make:

1.   Cut out a piece of fabric 3" x 6".
2.   Fold in half with the back side of the fabric out.
3.   Sew the long edges together and one of the two short edges together.
4.   Turn the tube so the fabric is right side out.
5.   Fold the tube lengthwise until the chapstick is almost covered when lying in the middle.
6.   Sew along the fold on both sides (I double stitched mine to make sure it would stay strong).

Update: Turn the tube inside out again so the seams aren't visible.  This also creates a snugger fit for the lip balm and a cleaner look.

7.   Fold in the fabric edges on the open end of the tube. (Since my fob hardware was 1" but my fabric was 1.5", I also folded in the corners to make the fabric taper.)

Update: The sides naturally turn in so instead of folding in the corners, you could also sew across the folds at the top.

8.   Sew across the top of the open end of the tube.
9.   Position the key fob hardware with the fabric all the way in.
10. Putting a cloth over the hardware to protect it from scratches and dents, use pliers to close the hardware over the fabric.  Take your time with this, closing a little at a time on each side until it is tight and secure.
11.  Attach the key ring.

And there you have it!

Have fun and be creative.  I'm going to make them in each of these fabrics. :)

Update: Here they are made!


  1. Thank You so much for this tutorial!
    I just tried it and although I did not have/do every single thing that you did in your tutorial, i think it still turned out great! :) thank you!!
    DIY's are the best, especially over summer.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Summer is definitely a nice time to get in some fun projects. Thanks for choosing my tutorial! :)

  2. LINDO


  3. where do you purchase those kind of key fobs?

    1. Great question! I purchased mine on Amazon, but they have them at places like Hobby Lobby.


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