Rush Residence: Library Reveal


When I first eyed the listing for our now-home, the dining room made the first impression (see light fixture from the Eating Nook Reveal). However, who needs a dining room?! There was already an eating nook perfect for our table plus plenty of extra room in the living room, and there are only two of us! As soon as we were under contract, we came to the agreement that the dining room would become a multi-use room to house our books, TV, and games in a space inspired by our small, but growing, art collection. Matt, being the book and literature nerd that he is, insisted that this be called our "library." Thus, I am proud to show you our library!

We talked about this room before moving so much that we began its creation from the very start. Before we moved, we sold our couch to buy this Pottery Barn suede loveseat on Craiglist. This was the first piece of furniture in the room, truly the first piece of furniture to find its place in our new home. Its neutral color balances the light blue walls nicely, and it is comfortable for watching TV or laying down for a nice read. 

Days after moving in, we made a two hour trip to Ikea just to buy decor for this room: book shelves for our wall of books, a cable to hang some pieces of art above the couch, and a rug. After purchasing this navy and white carpet from Ikea for a bargain, we realize we'll eventually need a bigger rug to better fit the space, but I love that the darker color and interesting print ground the color in the room.

It took me forever to find 96" curtains for the house, but I was ecstatic to finally find this khaki and white rugby stripe pair at HomeGoods. We placed an antique buffet table, our first Craigslist find after the move, between the two windows to house our media, and Matt decided to organize the bookshelf by color to bring more vibrancy of color to the room. The first thing on the walls was our dear friend Charles Clary's colorful paper sculpture art that we put beside the shelves, and the room began to come alive.

We paired the couch with a refinished white magazine table, also a Craiglist find, and topped it with a simple lamp with a linen shade. Then, we suspended the art we've been slowly collecting in anticipation of our new home from the Ikea cable system above the couch. In addition to our three Charles Clary pieces, we have two pieces by Graham Franciose, "Your Story I" and "Your Story II," given to us by Matt's colleague and friend, a print of a girl with horses by Lexington-based Cricket Press I picked up in Louisville, Kentucky at the Forecastle Music Festival last year, a watercolor of the Sam Davis Home by Phyllis Razo (available in the gift shop!), and the poem "Home" by Debbie Gayle Rose Matt got from the print shop at Middle Tennessee University before they closed.

It is still a work in progress, will continually be evolving. We need to figure out an ottoman for the room, replace the light fixture we moved to the eating nook, and add finishing touches, but we love its coziness and think it perfectly reflects our style and personality!


4 Days Until Halloween: DIY Decor


We finally pulled the box of Halloween decorations down from the attic to decorate the front porch. Using just what we already had from years past, I think it will do nicely. There's a black light in the porch light, glow-in-the-dark spider webs, skulls, a rat, an owl jack-o-lantern, and spooky picture frames in the windows. 

I'm so excited about all the little trick-or-treaters this Friday. (We still need to carve our pumpkin though, and it is a big one!) I'm really hoping given the size of our neighborhood and the neighborhoods attached, we'll get a lot of trick-or-treaters. I miss seeing the adorable, steady stream of trick-or-treaters we used to get in our neighbor growing up. 

With that being said, I figured lots of us are decorating the week of or still adding finishing touches in the days before, so if you need some more inspiration, flashback to two years ago when I first started my blog and shared my DIY Halloween Decor.

Front Porch Boards and Bats

Foam Board Tombstones

Festive Buffet Table

Spooky Gallery Wall

I'm a bit bummed we won't be hosting our annual Halloween bash, but we are going to a party with new friends! Matt and I have finally figured out what we're going to be. For my work costume contest, I'm going as Dora the Explorer, and for the Halloween party, we considered Alfalfa and Darla from The Little Rascals but decided on Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Last year, we went as Lord and Lady Grantham, and the year before, we were Richard Gere and Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Yes, I changed halfway through the party, and if you can't tell, Matt likes to wear suits. :D


P.S. Thanks to my friend, Amanda, who gave me the burlap pumpkin door hanger last year!

My Second Stitch Fix Experience


I got my second Stitch Fix! As you may already know, my first fix was a bust, but I happily gave it another try and was delighted. This time Matt was home, so I was able to get him to take some pictures (yay!). I ended up keeping three of the five pieces, spending $208 in all. That may seem a lot (believe me, that's a lot to me too!), but as I mentioned before, these are quality pieces handpicked just for me and my style without having to drive from store to store and try on a hundred things to find the perfect piece, so I think it is absolutely worth it. Not to mention, I feel special with pieces that are unique, selected just for me, and I feel great leaving the house in pieces I'm proud of and reflect my style.

From this fix, I kept a necklace, shirt and pair of pants. This fix was styled by a different stylist (I haven't figured out and still wonder if you get a different stylist every time or if you eventually will get hooked up with someone who is your personal stylist.) who I felt was a little less fashion forward (or thought I was), as a lot of the pieces weren't nearly as trendy (loved that color block blouse...I still dream about it. If only it had fit! *shakes fist*), sticking to simple classics. However, I completely understand going a little safer when I didn't keep anything from my first fix!

Here's what was in my second fix...

5 Netflix Movie Recommendations

We're always looking for good Netflix recommendations because it's so much better than TV! It goes through phases of new additions and periods of hum drum, but there is always a TV show or movie to watch (without commercials!). If you're gearing up for a night in, check out one of five recent favorites. What do you recommend?
The Giant Mechanical Man
Zoo keeper and street performer fall in love and meander their way through a relationship. 
Slow-moving but beautifully done.

In a World...
Quirky darling fights for her career as a film voice-over artist. 
(Written, directed by and starring Lake Bell. You go, girl!)

The Duchess
 Who doesn't love a Keira Knightley period film?

Thanks for Sharing
Dark comedy about sex addicts, with some side-splitting scenes. 
It actually manages to be quite profound.

The birdcage
For a racy Robin Williams classic. (It will always be too soon. *tear*)


Rush Residence: Eating Nook Reveal


This was the first and easiest space to put together. The whole kitchen has a sage green grasscloth-looking wallpaper on the walls with white chair rail, painted taupe beneath. I loved it as soon as I saw it at our first showing and couldn't wait to put our heirloom table in it. Thus began our kitchen eating nook. The table was my great grandmother's (You'll see her sideboard in the living room later, and you've seen her Blue Willow china before.), and my brother refinished it as our wedding gift. I wish my Dad hadn't lost the leaf! I bought the Parsons chairs on Craiglist when we first got married.

We didn't have plans in any of the bedrooms for the wooden hope chest that my parents gave me for Christmas as a teenager, and it was the exact size of the space under the window where I was contemplating building a window seat.  Topped with my favorite grey pillow with a white stenciled owl and sage pillows, the beautiful light shining in all around, it has quickly become my favorite place to sit.

This gorgeous shell light fixture that came with the house was too long for the original dining room now turned library (more on that later!), so we moved it to the eating nook. To add detail and cover a hole a bit larger than the fixture, we added a small 9" ceiling medallion (that we'll eventually paint).

For the table decor right now, I've got this beautiful table runner my mom bought me with citron, patterned napkins I'll have to show you another time. I picked up whimsical bird salt and pepper shakers to match. It's really too summery now, so I'm currently gaining inspiration for a fall tablescape. If you'd like to see it and other tid bits sooner rather than later, look for photos on Instagram. :) I'm pretty new to it though!

We still haven't decided what to do with the space between the nook and the back door that is currently housing the dry erase calendar you can see. We're making the whole space around the back door a mud room and multi-functional open area, so we're trying to figure out what we want that to look like. 

Making decisions purposefully and figuring out your style is no easy task, but it is fun! More reveals to come.


P.S. Last weekend, we completed a DIY project out on the deck that I'm looking forward to sharing with you in a few weeks.
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